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Events 2015

22nd April
Pilgrimage to Vinitaly

28th June
AlcolBike #11

1st August
Barbaresco Remix #4

26th August
Castiglione Falletto Remix #3

17th December
Mission: Bue Grasso of Carrù

AlcolGym staff


Alcolgym events

Alcolgym events are promoting sports,
food and wine culture, and friendship.


AlcolBike is an amateur cycling event created by AlcolGym in 2004. Is totally irreverent and carefree, a party you’ll not be able to find the same all over the world.
How does it work? It is a tour of the city on your bicycle (or anything without an engine), along a special itinerary plenty of stop-overs: cafés, pubs, cocktail-bars, all ready to quench your biblical thirst!
The ride always ends in a Club that greets AlcolBikers with music from the best DJs in the area. The last AlcolBike in Alba (CN) saw more than 1100 participants!
We are ready to bring that to your city, of course!
Ej fuma vughe nuiatrì và!

Remix in Langa

A village on the top of a hill, a medieval castle, good food, music, drinks and a lot of fun: that’s the recipe for a perfect “REMIX”. What is it? Simple, it is the party that Alcolgym organizes in Langa’s town.
Everything started in Barbaresco, but since then we used the same format in Castiglione Falletto and Barolo, always calling it REMIX. This format allows to blend both the audience who likes food and wine events in picturesque places, and an younger audience, that prefers music, cocktails, and refined parties.
The medieval town that hosts the Remix greets Alcolgym troops with an happy hour with wine from local producers, then with an itinerant dinner around the streets of the old town centre. The party continues with a djset composed by the best artists in the area, eager to supply the best music.

Olympic Games Alcolgym style

During the grape harvest Alcolgym organizes the wine olympic games, where we revamp the ancient games of the Piedmontese tradition.
Differently from the Olympic Games where the athletes quench the thirst with Gatorade®, we prefer to trust our personal energy drink: wine!
Here are some examples of how it is possible to get damaged more or less seriously :)

  • Sack race "a tutta birra"
  • Tug of war 2.0
  • Race with "bici cita" (little bike)
  • Wine-pong
  • Popeye Bench Press

Last editions were in Barbaresco and Serralunga d’Alba. Are you ready to compete against the best AlcolAthletes? We are waiting for you. In September.

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